Sunday, June 29, 2008

between sez-you and now.

a mint condition "always on time" single tossed in the bulk rubbish

The Goods

outer limitz

mr.p pugelsworth

"pimping aint easy but it sho is fun"

" Niggas gots to do what they gotta do, to get a bill YaknowhatI'msayin? " -Inspectah deck

howard st pffft....its all about harold st

poorly made fairy breads.

a piece.

Robert F. Diggs also know as.. the rza,the abbot,bobby digital,bobby steels,prince rakeem,the rza-recta,the scientist,prince delight,prince dynamite,ruler zig-zag-zig allah.a pizza present.

"i was a feen befour i became a teen"

not fit for human consumption

got a greezy little fingers on some rudie magazines

we saw tom showed him the rudie mag he seemed happy for us
then he left so we started taking more photos i actual have about 30,ooo flicks of moregoon chill'n with this mag.

i have a photo that could ruin lani street rep for years.
it will be posted one day but not today though.

the zine we got had more whang chungs than lady bits and i have no idea why it did maybe we got a lady mag insted of a dude one i dunno

the real thug shitking of karrinyup late-night


whaling on it

why is bart simpsons skin the same colour as his hair

befour we made our way to jims vi and i watched a few episodes of fresh prince


the mack daddy

and daddy mack




SHit whent down serious shit whent down.


i ate the cake after this photo.

Cake and Milk that real og shit


he has what the indurstry calls "it"

lino surfing whent down all night

sugar daddy

top dawg

showing off a photo he took of his little mate,you know his lil' lenny you know.

wait till these drop in hal.

done with it

snaching on something

preparing for the next season of channel 7's gladiators

and that was that

skater dudes

this was our pizza we waited about 40 mins for, we ate three slices as you can see then john dere came along and decided he whanted it and that was it no more pizza for us,

well thats it for now this post was sopost to be about 221 deep but my comp/blogger got sick of my shit and stoped working out so thats it.

pt.two is on its way.