Monday, February 23, 2009

Cali Academy of Sciences

This place was possible the most far out place i had been to (without having to pay for it). now normally when people say the words, Academy, Sciences and Fun all in the same sentence you would just play it off as some kinda lame joke. But believe me when i say the California Academy of Sciences is super fun and i promise if you dont go there high you are bound to learn something new. this place was like a zoo / aquarium / planetarium / museum / art gallery all put together under the same roof. unfortunately we did not have enough time to look at everything. here is some of what we did see though.

the extremely long line had me thinking this place could possible live up to the hype

a map was needed

Chow time

Pretty fish

Ugly fish

Star fish

Jelly fish

The roof had all kinds of stuff growing on it

A possible cure for AIDS?

"save the world from"

the idea board had people coming up with some very interesting ideas!

We stayed untill the doors closed. i could have spent soo much time in there looking at all the rad things. if you are ever in sf go to this place (the third wednesday of every month is the free day) i suggest you plan you trip around it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chemistry 50A

what can i say.... i hate this class with a passion. chemistry is super lame/boring and extremely hard but the icing on the cake is the class has two teachers (one for the lecture and one for the laboratory class) and both of them are Foreigners and suck at teaching in english

One of them speaks like this....

and the other teacher speaks like this...

needless to say when they are trying to teach you things like this...

Shittt gets to be pretty mind boggling. i guess the hole point of this post is to find someone/anyone that knows something/anything about chemistry to help me NOT fail this class because the way im going now its F-ville for me.

Sure to be an entertaining read

"Mike Tyson is quietly meeting with publishers in an effort to shop a tell-all memoir, and the early indications are that the book will focus as much on the three years he spent in prison after he was convicted of rape as it will on his 20-year boxing career.
According to the New York Post, Tyson actually began the process of writing a memoir while he was in prison, and he used his cellmate as his sounding board
Tyson has shopped his book proposal to five major publishers. The Post suggests that Tyson, who declared bankruptcy in 2003 after earning more than $300 million in his career, could fetch $4 million for his memoirs."

I think if you had never ever herd of Mike Tyson before (extremely unlikey) just one look at the picture above would probably make you think, "if that dude wrote a book about himself it would definitely be worth reading!" when this upcoming autobiography was brought to my attention i could help but think it was just a rumor. i said to myself, "Mike Tyson most likely couldnt even read a book let alone write one." but after futher research the rumors were confermed. obviously he needs money big time!