Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Judd Apatow

The man is a Genius.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

King of King's

"Tens of thousands of chanting, bare-breasted maidens have paraded before the King of Swaziland, many of them hoping to catch his eye and be picked out to become his 14th wife.

The annual Umhlanga, or reed dance, which finishes today at the royal residence in Ludzidzini, is a magnificent display of national tradition and pride in one of Africa's smallest countries.Officials claimed that 100,000 unmarried girls and women, almost 10 per cent of the entire population, presented the Queen Mother, or Indlovukazi meaning, "Great She-Elephant" with newly cut reeds to act as a windbreak around her compound.

As part of the ceremonies, Mswati III, Africa's last absolute monarch, is entitled to choose a new bride from among the maidens to add to his current 13 wives. It is an honour that cannot be refused"

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Some of the local Swaziland women dancing for the kings love

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The King himself (looks like kind of a freek if you ask me)

The real sad thing about this is Swaziland is believed to have the highest rate of HIV/Aids in the world, with two in every five pregnant women carrying the virus. Life expectancy is just over 30. A baby born in Swaziland today has almost a 75 per cent chance of dying before 40 and while all this is going down the king of this country is to busy choosing his 14th wife.
Oh and you might say to yourself, "well you cant blame him for having all of these wife's, it must be a long running tradition in Swaziland". Well the truth is the King Mswati started this "tradition" in 1999 the same year he became king!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Welcome to America

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Yes its true the imfamous Steven Reilly has arrived in the States. So all you girls out there be quick to get you a piece because he aint gonna be chillin around these streets forever!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Yeh I felt it"

"A 4.0 earthquake centered in Alamo along the Calaveras Fault shook San Francisco and the East Bay Friday night.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported the quake at 9 p.m., four miles northwest of Danville and seven miles south of Concord in Contra Costa County. It was felt as a sharp rumble that lasted about seven seconds. An aftershock, measuring 1.9, followed shortly after.

The light quake halted BART trains (Bay Area Rail Transit) for about five minutes. According to the U.S.G.S., the quake had a depth of 10.1 miles, and residents as far away as San Jose and Stockton reported feeling a jolt."

So I was actually chillin' smoking a doobie when the pussy little quake hit, I mean I felt something. What i felt was pretty weird and I'll admit my heart fluttered for a second but a 4.0 is on the small side of the scale. Its funny though later on in the night on the 12 o'clock news they were asking people "so how will you prepare for a bigger earthquake sir/mam?" Come on, how the hell do you prepare for an earthquak. They just happen nobody knows when or where, they just go down, idiots. Apparently when I was one or so a 7.8 earthquake went down in san francisco and a few peeps died and shit. I wish I could remember it because it sounds pretty gnarly. Anyway, good times.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Curtin's p.o.p exhibition

Last friday night we went to
Violet's class's exhibition at Curtin.

Lets just say names were mentioned.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I've been smoking a shitload of weed lately.

"In 1937, weed was placed under the harrison narcotics act. Narcotics authorities claim it is a habit-forming drug, that its use is injurious to mind and body, and that is causes the people who use it to commit crimes. Here are the facts: Weed is positively not habit-forming. You can smoke weed for years and you will experience no discomfort if your supply is suddenly cut off. I have seen tea heads (stoners) in jail and none of them showed withdrawal symptoms. I have smoked weed myself off and on for fifteen years. and never missed it when I ran out. There is less habit to weed than there is to tobacco. Weed does not harm the general health. In fact, most users claim it gives you an appetite and acts as a tonic to the system. I do not know of any other agent that gives as definite a boot to the appetite. I can smoke a stick of tea (weed) and enjoy a glass of California sherry and a hash house meal.
I once kicked a junk habit with weed. The second day off junk I sat down and ate a full meal. Ordinarily, I can't eat for eight days after kicking a habit.
Weed does not inspire anyone to commit crimes. I have never seen anyone get nasty under the influence of weed. Tea heads are a sociable lot. Too sociable for my liking. I cannot understand why the people who claim weed causes crimes do not follow through and demand the outlawing of alcohol. Every day, crimes are committed by drunks who would not have committed the crime sober.
There has been a lot said about the aphrodisiac effect of weed. For some reason, scientists dislike to admit that there is such thing as an aphrodisiac, so most pharmacologists say there is "No evidence to support the popular idea that weed possesses aphrodisiac properties." I can say definitely that weed is an aphrodisiac and that sex is more enjoyable under the influence of weed than without it.
Anyone who has used good weed will verify this statement.
You hear that people go insane from using weed. There is, In fact, a form of insanity caused by excessive use of weed. The condition is characterized by ideas of reference. The weed available in the U.S. is evidently not strong enough to blow your top on and weed psychosis is rare in the states. In the Near East, it is said to be common. Weed psychosis corresponds more or less to delirium tremens and quickly disappears when the drug is withdrawn. Someone who smokes a few cigarettes a day is no more likely to go insane than a man who takes a few cocktails before dinner is likely to come down with the D.T.'s.
One thing about weed. A man under the influence of weed is completely unfit to drive a car. Weed disturbs your sense of time and consequently your sense of spatial relations. Once, in New Orleans, I had to pull over to the side of a road and wait until the weed wore off. I could not tell how far away anything was or when to turn or put on the brakes for an intersection." - taken from William S. Burroughs's Junky

So basically there is absolutely nothing wrong with smoking weed. It makes everything better, sex, movies, food, music, drinking and even people seem more entertaining.
I also disagree with the not being able to drive statement. Unless you are ridiculously stoned it usually doesn't effect your driving skills.