Thursday, July 16, 2009

Terry Kennedy - Professional

TK out with a new video clip...the video obiviously had a tiny budget and in my opinion gets pretty damn borring after the 1.30 minute mark but its dope to see The man doing his thing and keeping up appearances

the sad thing is TK is still pushing his shoe line sure their are kids out there getting down with the TK's, just please do me a favor, not wear them in public anymore and maybe consider keeping them as a memorabilia type thing (Drew if your reading this, Take Notes!)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Black or White

I know that the hole Michael Jackson’s death thing happened a week or so ago and if your anything like me, hearing about it has become as annoying as some lame song that gets played 5 times an hour on every radio station but this post had to happen. these flicks just show that no matter how much mj cops for all the shit that went down in his personal life, you can never deny the influence he had on so many different type of people through his amazingly good music.