Saturday, May 16, 2009


Back in the day of youth and innocence when we looked forward to the weekends in order to wake up early and watch rage / video hits (well I did that shit anyway) my life was all about basketball, basketball hoop in the back yard, was sure to always be fresh in the latest Penny Hardaway sneakers (actually gotta give my pops love for that) I even got detention in like 5th grade for refusing to play soccer in my sports class, if I remember correctly, I basically just hated soccer and it wasnt basketball.
Needless to say I was all for collecting basketball cards as well it kinda just went hand in hand with ballin all the time. Anyways time went on, all that stuff faded in to black…im pretty sure I sold all my cards to like cash converters or some collector place.
But its funny I been ballin pretty hard as of late and a few weeks ago I was at Berkeley flee market just lazin, lookin at shit And what did I see…this og nigga was sellin unopened packs of nba trading cards from the 1990-91 season, 91-92 season and 92-93 season. Shit was bananas and to top off the amazing find, his deal was 4 packs for $5. Dude was weird as hell so no questions just got em and I was out.
Opening those 4 packs was more exciting then my last 5 birthdays and Christmas’s put together. If you know some shit, you would know a Muggsy Bogues, a Grant Hill Rookie and James Worthy All-Star card is a major come-up.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The red house

Red House Furniture & Appliance on South Elm street in North Carolina, your commercial did grab my attention because im am black people andd white people in need of somewhere to buy furniture. But i cant ride with my trusted furniture store trying to slip some racial equality in on the side when I go to purchase my general household equipment.
What ever happened to using that insanely exaggerated yelling voices to advertise your shit on tv or maybe that technique is only used by carpet stores.
The point is Red House you gonna know your place.